2019 brings new music from Diving Horses. “1.5”

New video from Diving Horses. Featuring an all-star cast of word mouthers, “Lip Syncher” and its full horn section is an affectionate nod to the Rolling Stones

The music of Diving Horses has been described as “songs of nostalgic heartbreak.” And the Underground Wednesday music blog says it’s “stories of loss and longing, of hope and redemption—all wrapped inside a tight and often lush musical arrangement.”

“Same Difference” is the driving new single from Diving Horses and does not spare those that say meaningless things.

Filmed and edited by Mark Peria.

The debut single from Diving Horses, “Magnetic Fields” evokes the days when the seemingly only way to someone’s heart was through the meticulous construction of a killer mixed tape.

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One, the debut album from Diving Horses, is now available via Bandcamp.

Angels” by Diving Horses. Recorded at Art Farm in Annapolis, MD in honor of David Bowie.